20th Birthday Release: iText 7.1.10

iText Group NV // March 3, 2020

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14th February 2020... It’s a date which has been carved in the minds of our developers here at iText for several months now. And it’s not because it’s a day we want to spend with our loved ones at home. It’s because that’s the day the iText library, which we are working on daily, marks its 20th birthday: Feb 14, 2000 is the day when we released our first lines of code! Now, twenty years on, we’re at iText Core version 7.1.10!

For those developers that like data, here’s an overview of the iText release history:

  • 2000: iText 0.30 - first public release
  • 2003: iText 1.0.0
  • 2007: iText 2.0.0
  • 2009: iText 5 - move to Java 5, license changed from MGPL/LGPL to AGPL
  • 2016 - iText 7 - move to Java 7, complete rewrite to improve the API and support the upcoming PDF 2.0 specification, modular structure with support for dedicated add-ons for specific functionality: pdfInvoice, pdfSweeppdfDebugpdfCalligraph
  • 2017: pdf2DatapdfHTML and pdfXFA
  • 2019: iText DITO release, iText’s template engine capable of generating a few hundred to a few hundred thousand PDF documents per day to meet any business needs
  • 2020: pdfRender, and more to come

While we are eating birthday cake, we’re also thinking of you and want to give you some treats to join the celebrations. As a birthday gift to the developers out there iText 7.1.10 comes with a whole bunch of updates, including new versions of pdf2DatapdfCalligraph, pdfHTMLpdfSweeppdfXFA and RUPS. Head over to the release page to get an overview of the changes.

Keep an eye on our website and social media posts if you’re interested in finding out more about the iText history. We’ve got some stuff planned to keep up the momentum.

If you have any particular memories of iText, we’d love to hear about them: if you contributed to code, you saw us at an event, or you have a pair of the highly-in-demand iText socks… Let us know or send us your pictures. Send them to us via Twitter: tag @iText and use #iText20y.

We’re always keen to hear about your experiences with our technology.

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