ActivePDF Announces Major Performance-Enhancing Release of Xtractor 9.1.0

Patricia La Bella // April 10, 2019

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ActivePDF, the leading global provider of PDF automation solutions and digital transformation, has announced the major release of Xtractor 9.1.0. As the industry’s premier PDF data extraction tool, Xtractor 9.1.0 provides increased functionalities and an overall improved user experience.

While Xtractor has always been a robust .NET API that quickly and accurately extracts targeted data within PDF files, ActivePDF’s leading research and development engineers completely reengineered the tool from the ground up based upon direct user feedback.

The latest 9.1.0 version of Xtractor uses 85% less code, provides twice as many API calls, and runs up to 64-times faster than Xtractor 8.10.

“The major release of Xtractor 9.1.0 is very exciting for us at ActivePDF because all of these upgrades and additions come directly from customer feedback,” says Tim Sullivan, ActivePDF Chief Architect and CEO. “Our goal is to empower our clients to perform at their highest level, and the input we receive continually inspires us to keep improving. With Xtractor 9.1.0, we set out to achieve those goals by providing more API calls, along with increased speed and performance. We then handed it to our leading R&D team of developers and once again, they didn’t disappoint.”

Xtractor 9.1.0 new and updated features include:

  • New API Calls: Almost all the API calls are new in Xtractor 9.1.0., doubling the number of existing features. Many calls were updated and include all new parameters.
  • Improved Performance: Xtractor 9.1.0 is up to 64-times faster and more powerful than previous releases, providing one of the best data extraction software tools available. Users will notice that it takes up to 85% less code compared to the previous version.
  • Images in Memory: Xtractor 9.1.0 can now handle images in memory. Simply add a reference to the “System.Drawing” assembly to any project to keep images available on demand.
  • Bookmarks: Xtractor 9.1.0 now extracts the bookmark destinations with PDF files.
  • Permission: Extracts document permissions, such as print resolution and information regarding whether form field pages, documents, or annotations can be modified or copied.
  • Text & Search Phrases: Xtractor 9.1.0 can now extract text above and below a search phrase.

“Xtractor 9.1.0 makes it possible for businesses to search and extract targeted data accurately and faster than ever before,” adds Sullivan. “With these new and upgraded functionalities in place, Xtractor puts powerful search capabilities and data extraction at the fingertips of all businesses within every industry. Xtractor carries the load of all PDF data extraction needs while providing the amazing benefits of thorough automation which lightens up workloads across our clients’ organizations. Once again, our users asked for it and we delivered.”

High-security industries such as government agencies and financial institutions use Xtractor to extract high volumes of text, images, location coordinates, and metadata from PDF files in mere minutes. Once extracted, the data is immediately available for automation, editing, indexing, and more.

For more information Xtractor 9.1.0 installation requirements and other information, visit the Release Notes page. Discover this powerful .NET API for PDF data extraction and download Xtractor 9.1.0 today.

To learn more about how Xtractor 9.1.0 can help your business, speak with an ActivePDF Technology Advisor. For extensive information on all ActivePDF solutions and digital transformation tools, visit the ActivePDF Online Manuals page.

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Patricia La Bella

ActivePDF is a leader in the software industry, providing developer tools for embedding feature-rich, server-side PDF functionality to businesses worldwide. Patricia collaborates closely with the Marketing Director to create marketing concepts, content, and campaigns. Her main duties include: marketing copy writing; conceptualizing and writing various online content, advertisements (print and digital), automated emails, case studies, blogs and articles, marketing messaging, …


Patricia La Bella

ActivePDF is a leader in the software industry, providing developer tools for embedding feature-rich, server-side PDF functionality to businesses worldwide. …

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