Interview with Matt Kuznicki about PDF Days Europe 2016

PDF Association staff // April 21, 2016


Matt KuznickiWho: Matt Kuznicki
Company: Datalogics
Position: Chief Technical Officer
Job description: Matt Kuznicki leads the engineering group at Datalogics, Inc. He oversees the delivery of technical solutions for PDF software developers in a wide variety of different fields. Matt has over 15 years of experience with PDF in many different industries and applications. He is also proud to be the vice-chairman of the PDF Association board of directors.

PDF Association: What will be the personal highlight of this summer for you?

Matt Kuznicki: Having a chance to come back to Berlin for PDF Days and the opportunity to catch up again with our customers is always exciting. Seeing how their customers and users have embraced PDF and how they’ve helped it become the standard in document communication, that always impresses and inspires me. As well, Berlin is a city I always enjoy visiting. The vibrancy and energy of Berlin, and the ever-changing scene in the city – there’s always something new to see and to experience. Yet Berlin has world-class art museums, scenic strolls and a beauty in its streets. I’m looking forward to visiting Berlin once again to see what’s new, re-experience some previous sights, and of course to have more than my share of currywurst.

PDF Association: At the PDF Days Europe, you will be hosting a presentation discussing the future of PDF – could you give us some more details?

Matt Kuznicki: As PDF has become a widely adopted standard for documents, it’s natural that there is growing curiosity about how PDF will continue growing to meet more business and communication needs. At the same time, the core promise of PDF is one of reliability. With the proliferation of different PDF tools and viewers now available, it’s more important than ever that those who rely on PDF know what they can rely on across different devices and environments. This presentation will explore the idea of a standardized collection of PDF features representing a common Core PDF target that can be safely and predictably used across different devices and environments.

It is time to establish a common core PDF feature vocabulary: one that all who rely on PDF can use and depend upon, now and in the future. The future of PDF is one where a common core vocabulary for interoperability is built upon with embellishments for particular uses.

PDF Association: Who is your presentation aimed at?

Matt Kuznicki: Everyone who wants to know how to create PDFs that have the broadest compatibility across the widest set of users. Those who understand that we are in a world where interoperability is of great importance will find a lot of value in this presentation.

PDF Association: What will the people who attend your presentation be able to take away from it?

Matt Kuznicki: Just like stories or poetry, PDF files can range from extremely simple to exceptionally complicated. Different use cases call for different levels of complication. In many cases, the easiest and simplest way to express an idea is the best way. Attendees will learn what is well understood across a wide variety of PDF tools and users – in other words, how to express concepts in PDF in the easiest and simplest ways, so that as many people as possible can reliably read and understand these PDF files.

PDF Association: Which other presentation at the PDF Days Europe 2016 are you personally excited for, and why?

Matt Kuznicki: The “PDF in Practice” track that I am moderating on the first day has several interesting presentations geared towards those whose interest in PDF is practical. I’m also glad to see the number of presentations, including Scott Mackey’s opening keynote, that focus on how PDF fits into a broader business context and helps businesses perform better while saving money and effort.

PDF Association: Thank you! We look forward to seeing you at the PDF Days Europe 2016!


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