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iText Group NV // April 9, 2020

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We’re pleased to announce an exciting new addition to our website, the iText 7 Demo Lab. It completely replaces our old demos page where we had limited demonstrations of certain iText Core and add-on functionality. Our new and improved Demo Lab is demonstrating the power of iText 7 to both developers and non-developers.

Using our free online apps you can perform a whole range of PDF operations with iText, such as splitting and mergingrotatingdeleting pagesadding and removing password protection, and converting images to PDF. You can also use add-on functionality, such as converting HTML to PDF and flattening XFA forms. If you have a PDF you need to edit, just drag and drop it onto the page, and choose the options you’re presented with. It really is that simple!

We have also launched an online sandbox for developers. This means that on each and every demo page you can find an embedded compiler for each function with iText 7 set up and ready to go. This lets you see and manipulate example code for each of the demonstrated features, giving you a sandbox environment to understand exactly how these functions are implemented in iText 7. Java and C# examples are available on every page, and you’re able to directly edit the code to affect the output.

This is even more exciting for us to be honest. By showing how to achieve common operations with iText 7 we can easily demonstrate to both Java and .NET developers how easy it is to use. We might even convince some non-developers to give it a go too (we promise it’s not such a dark art!)

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