Forms Extension (for the Adobe PDF Library)

Produced by Datalogics

Datalogics is happy to announce the NEW Forms Extension(TM) for the Adobe PDF Library (APDFL)   

Forms Extension is a software module that allows applications built using the Adobe PDF Library to work with PDF AcroForm and XFA forms (both static and dynamic). When you install the Forms Extension, it becomes a seamless part of the Adobe PDF Library, and provides the APDFL user with all of the functions available in Adobe Acrobat for working with PDF forms documents.

Core features of using Forms Extension 

  • Convert XFA to AcroForms
  • Flatten XFA (Static or Dynamic) to static page content
  • Flatten AcroForms to static page content
  • Import and Export XFA Forms data
  • Import and Export AcroForms data
  • Generate appearances for annotations when saving the document

Forms Extension for APDFL is available as an add-on to the Adobe PDF Library (you must license APDFL to use this module). Try it out today with a free evaluation on our website!

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