PDF Day program for December 10 in Washington DC

PDF Association staff // October 1, 2014


PDF Day is 18 short, fast-paced educational sessions designed to convey non-commercial information meeting the interests and concerns of IT executives. Download the program as a PDF/UA and PDF/A-conforming document, or see the table below.

Educational session videos and "4 minutes with a PDF vendor" videos are now posted on YouTube.

More information is available at de5.pdfa.org/dc.

PDF Day - Wednesday, December 10, 2014

8:00Registration opens
8:30Introduction: What is PDF, who owns it and why does it matter?
Duff Johnson (PDF Association), Leonard Rosenthol (Adobe Systems)
Track ATrack B
9:00PDF/A 101
David van Driessche (Four Pees)
What PDF/A is, why it’s necessary, and how its various parts can affect procurement.
ECM and Dark Data
Peter Duff (Adlib Software)
70% of content is Dark Data. Turn on the light to improve compliance, cut storage, and leverage this asset
9:40NARA's new Transfer Guidance
Kevin DeVorsey (NARA)
The 2014 Transfer Guidance: a major change for federal agencies' document handling and archiving
Collaborating with PDF
James Borthwick (PDFTron)
What’s holding back the document management industry from using PDF more, and what comes next.
10:10Coffee break
10:30Scanning to PDF/A
Thomas Zellmann (Luratech)
Benefits and opportunities from converting scanned documents to PDF/A.
I sign therefore I am
Tim Sullivan (ActivePDF)
Electronic signatures vs. digital signatures and understanding identity repudiation
11:10PDF/A in the US
Stephen Levenson (PDF/A convenor)
Understand when using PDF/A will lower costs and improve document integrity
How standards drive business
Bruno Lowagie (iText Software)
They sound dry, but software standards are instrumental in enabling new business models
11:40PDF/A-3: Practical and powerful
Dietrich von Seggern (callas software)
How PDF/A-3 differs from PDF/A-1 and 2; making the most of archives with attachments
PDF/UA as a means to Section 508 compliance
Jeff Williams & Shannon Kelly (Actuate)
How PDF/UA delivers Section 508 compliance for electronic documents
13:00Content extraction from PDF
Matt Kuznicki (Datalogics)
What can you learn from the guts of a PDF file, how to get it and what you need to know
Making document communications accessible
David van Driessche (Four Pees) & Dietrich von Seggern (callas software)
How PDF/UA is useful in meeting other accessibility standards, and a survey of available technologies
13:40Common criteria for redaction tools
Mark Gavin (Appligent)
What the Common Criteria Protection Profile for Redaction Tools will mean for document redaction
PDF/UA vs. HTML as an accessibility strategy
Wendy Lockyer (Accessibil-T)
Why PDF/UA is the best strategic option for cost-effective implementation of document accessibility requirements
14.20The real state of document productivity
Sam Thorpe (Nitro)
Results from a grass-roots survey of document productivity in the workplace
5 key steps to a successful document accessibility program
Greg Pisocky (NetCentric)
Like HTML, Making volumes of PDF content accessible requires a strategic approach
15:104 minutes with a PDF vendor - Commercial Session
Moderated by Duff Johnson (PDF Association)
15:50Officially PDF: Trends in government adoption of document technology
Panel discussion with Federal employees*
16:50Closing remarks

* - The panel is moderated by John Mancini, President of AIIM. Panelists include:

  • Kevin De Vorsey, NARA
  • Mark Patrick, DoD
  • Stephen Levenson, PDF/A Convenor 

Program Committee

The following contributed their own time and that of their respective companies to developing and organizing PDF Day.

  • Sean Zinsmeister, Nitro | Senior Marketing Manager, Desktop
  • Duff Johnson, PDF Association | Executive Director
  • Ivan Nincic, PDFTron | CTO
  • Matthew Kuznicki, Datalogics | CTO*
  • Peter Duff, Adlib Software | CEO*

* - A member of the PDF Association's Board of Directors


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The PDF Association is the meeting-place of the PDF industry. The staff of the PDF Association are dedicated to delivering the information, services and value the members have come to expect. Staff members of the PDF Association include: Duff Johnson (Chief Executive Officer) Thomas Zellmann (PDF Evangelist) Matthias Wagner (Operations Director) Alexandra Oettler (Editor) Nicole Gauger (Editor)


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The PDF Association is the meeting-place of the PDF industry. The staff of the PDF Association are dedicated to delivering …

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