PDFTron’s 2019: A Year in Review

PDFTron // February 4, 2020

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2019 was an incredible and busy year at PDFTron. And with so much happening, we wanted to distill the most exciting moments, innovations, and accomplishments.
Here are some highlights from our 2019 in review:


PDFTron’s focus on innovation and product development continued to be a driving force at PDFTron in 2019. Our team introduced many new innovative PDF, CAD, and MS Office capabilities to the PDFTron SDK to meet the needs of our customers and to improve the developer experience using our technology. This included the roll-out of many new features including OCR, measurement tools, reflow with images, and CAD conversion, and making existing features even easier to integrate — such as real-time collaboration on mobile and pure client-side redaction using JavaScript.

We also broke new ground with our next-generation Document Understanding technology, PDFTron.AI. PDFTron.AI uses deep learning to automate intelligent extraction of structured PDF content such as tables and has achieved state-of-the-art recognition results across all major public test suites, with future application in areas such as next-generation document search and document reflow.

A Year of Growth and Positive Reviews

2019 was also a successful year in continuing to serve and support our amazing customers, as well as in welcoming many new OEM, Enterprise, and Government clients. We were thrilled when our existing customers gave us the highest marks in the industry for service and support in independent survey research commissioned by Silversmith Capital Partners as part of its investment due diligence.

The Stax Inc. research, conducted March 2019 and including surveys of 197 respondents from various companies, found PDFTron to have the highest Net Promoter Score of 62 — considered “excellent” — compared to an average of 35 across the PDF SDK industry. PDFTron customers also reported the lowest desire to switch SDKs among the customers of the top five leading PDF SDKs.

XODO, the completely free (including ad-free) PDF productivity app built on the PDFTron technology stack, also passed the major milestone of 11+ million unique user downloads, while closing out 2019 as, once again, the top-rated PDF viewer, editor, and annotator on the Google Play Store.

$71 Million Invested in Document Technology

Along with many smaller wins and recognitions, one of PDFTron’s 2019 highlights was the US $71 million growth investment into PDFTron in May 2019, led by Silversmith Capital Partners — our first ever growth financing, and a key company milestone.

With Silversmith’s backing, PDFTron’s position to deliver unprecedented value to customers is further reinforced. PDFTron will continue its focus on aggressive product innovation while also driving further growth through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

2020 and Beyond

In summary, we are extremely proud of our talented team and everything we achieved together in 2019, and look forward to continuing to make an impact on the document industry in the years to come.

To read the full PDFTron 2019 in review, please check out PDFTron’s blog.

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