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PDF Association staff // August 30, 2018

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The No-Cost, Browser-Based, PDF Viewer and Editor Receives UI Upgrades, Form Enhancements, eSignature Updates, and More

width=ActivePDF, the leading provider of smart PDF automation technologies and digital transformation solutions, announces the new release and availability of their browser-based, free PDF viewer and editor for all at With, users simply drag and drop their PDF files to immediately view, edit, save, collaborate, and form fill PDFs within their browser.

Designed to be completely interactive yet easy to use, gives everyday end users and consumers the freedom that they need to easily modify PDF files without installing software on their desktop. This unique ActivePDF website provides a fluid PDF software experience with a help center, and even offers developers, product managers, CTOs, and CIOs the ability to directly embed DocSpace™ Reader Plus technology into their existing software applications.

“The upgrade of is a testament to ActivePDF’s ongoing commitment to developing innovative and easy-to-use PDF solutions for both developers and end users,” says Tim Sullivan, ActivePDF Chief Architect and CEO. “The updated enhancements in further improve on its feature-rich functionalities, providing more editing options with a high level of document security. We’re excited to roll out these new features and look forward to hearing feedback from everyone who experiences Reader Plus for themselves.”

At, users can easily accomplish a variety of PDF-related tasks such as adding annotations, creating electronic signatures, providing highlights, moving pages, removing pages, working with form fields, and more. was designed for end users and consumers that need a quick and reliable way to work with their PDF files. However, developers and IT professionals alike are invited to test the robust API at, before they download a free trial of Reader Plus or speak to one of ActivePDF’s Technology Advisors.

Here are some of the new features and enhancements:

  • Improved Tool Names: Updates to the names of existing tools give users a better understanding and more intuitive feel for the tools that they select.
  • Newly-named tools include the Signature tool (formally Pen), Typewriter tool (formally Text), and Toggle Highlights tool (formally Highlights).
  • Appending Power: The menu now has a new option called Append PDF that allows you to import a new PDF file into your existing PDF file. Once the new PDF file is saved, it is then added to the end of your existing PDF, giving you the ability to move or delete the pages within the PDF file.
  • Interactive Enhancements: A new Form menu enables you to add more interactive options to forms, text fields, check boxes, and radio buttons.
  • Exciting eSignature Options: You can now use an image for your electronic signature! Simply select an image of your choice as your electronic signature using the Signature tool. now supports mobile electronic signature creation through your tablet browser.
  • Link Your Bookmarks: Bookmarks now link to either an external URL, or internally to another page in the same PDF file.
  • Calculator Properties: supports calculations in text fields created in other PDF programs. Text fields with a built-in “Calculate” property values work automatically when opening the PDF file in Reader Plus. Supported text field Calculate values include: Sum, Product, Average, Minimum, and Maximum.

For developers looking for more technical details on how DocSpace Reader Plus technology works, visit the Reader Plus Documentation Page. This offers backend information, code samples, scripting information, and more.

For non-technical users, watch the Reader Plus demo, as featured on AMC Network and NewsWatch TV, and learn more about Reader Plus on the ActivePDF Reader Plus product page.

Start viewing and editing your PDF files online today at


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