veraPDF 0.28 – last version before the 1.0 release!

Duff Johnson // December 22, 2016


veraPDF logoThe final beta-release of veraPDF is now available for public use.

This is the final version before the 1.0 release on January 9th 2017, so it's effectively a release candidate. The 1.0 release is required by PREFORMA in order to initiate Phase 3 testing and acceptance, which runs from February 1 - July 30, 2017.

We hope to see substantial end-user and industry testing of the software to help us find remaining bugs and make necessary and/or desirable enhancements within the PREFORMA-contracted period.

New features in the 0.28 release include the schematron-based policy checker and a fully functional greenfield implementation of a PDF parser. For the upcoming version 1.0 we’ll be:

  • performing software fixes in response to issues raised on GitHub:;
  • reviewing the API and adding JavaDoc for remaining public methods;
  • improving our documentation; and
  • making changes to our test and build systems.

The full list of changes in this release include:

Application Enhancements

  • schematron-based policy checker:
  • greenfield implementation of feature extraction;
  • greenfield implementation of metadata fixer;
  • GUI now supports checking multiple files or a directory;
  • HTML summary report for multiple file results;
  • single-file detailed report containing policy and feature information; and
  • stability improvements and performance optimization of the greenfield parser.

Conformance checker

  • fixed glyph width checks in case of exactly 1/1000 point difference;
  • fixed default color space processing for Indexed color spaces;
  • fixed Order array support for OCG checks in PDF/A-2; and
  • fixed Unicode character maps support for PDF/A-1 Level A.

Once again, we ask users to review the veraPDF documentation site for installation and user guides and provide feedback.

Download veraPDF 0.28

PDFBox version:

"Greenfield" PDF parser version:

Release notes

Call for testing

Please support our efforts by downloading and testing the software!

If you encounter problems or would like to suggest improvements, please add them to the veraPDF consortium's GitHub issue tracker.

Your feedback is very important as it helps us to improve this free, open-source software.

Keep up to date with the latest developments by subscribing to the veraPDF consortium’s newsletter:

Find out more

Webinar: Watch the recording and slides from veraPDF's latest webinar.

PDF Days Europe 2017: We'll be there to talk about veraPDF! 


Duff Johnson
Duff Johnson

Duff serves the PDF industry as ISO Project co-Leader and US TAG chair for both ISO 32000 (the PDF specification) and ISO 14289 (PDF/UA). As Executive Director of the PDF Association, Duff coordinates several working groups, speaks at a wide variety of industry events and promotes the advancement and adoption of PDF technology worldwide. An independent consultant, Duff Johnson is a veteran …


Duff Johnson

Duff Johnson

Duff serves the PDF industry as ISO Project co-Leader and US TAG chair for both ISO 32000 (the PDF specification) and …

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